What will you be today

Do you want to put on a cape and save the world, or dress like in the 80’s and act retro, or put on a black leather jacket and act like the fonz, or maybe get a fake tattoo and become tougher than before

I ask… how many lives would you live if you could just afford to keep changing the way you dress, the way you act, the type of people you approach, and the situations you get yourself into?

We really do have a choice… everyday I wake up and try something new, become someone new, and change my perception of the things around me….

Im sure people have categorized me as flat out strange for having such a split mentality, but its okay. I have fun with what I do, and I learn everyday new, exciting, and interesting things that I wouldn’t have known about had I not stepped out of my own personal bubble.


The thing is, many like the idea, many seek to have a life full of excitement and continuous surprises. Yet many actually fear this world of spontaneity, that they will get something that wont suit their needs or flat out make them feel uncomfortable.

This fear will never go away, even I get it, but it doesnt always stop me. I know I myself love danger, maybe its something in my past, or who knows what, but I like the excitement of now knowing, yes sometimes its overwhelming and scary so I do not leave my comfort zone, but the times I have managed to overcome this anxiety I have been rewarded with much knowledge, friendships, and unusual comfort.

I urge everyone to do this more often. It will add the exitement to your life that you have been craving.


As I have read more and more lately on psychology, I can’t help but to be more and more sensitive in the way I express my views and opinions to my peers. With every article, book, and case that I read I feel like I get better at analyzing why it is that people around me do what they do.

Dont get me wrong, I like to make assumptions, but with my assumptions comes clear understanding that I could be completely wrong, and that someones own mental well being could never really be anaylized through pure theoretical data

Yet I feel this knowledge has helped me grow as a person, I am more likely to understand a situation from multiple perspectives now, I understand why it is that people sometimes feel like they need to talk down to me, or why they can’t be confident in what they say. I no longer push for different reaction, nor react in anger or disapproval.

It would be nice if everyone would take the time to pick up a book other than Twilight, or Harry Potter, (even though I do believe that both of these books contain classic examples of mental analysis to why people do things), Its just that these books give the same perspective, and don’t ask the reader to view things from an opposing side, but from only one which is conveyed to be “the good” side.


Anywho, more books, of different types, taking perspectives of things that you could never see yourself approving off, those are the books people should read.

I no longer feel disliked by people who approach me in bad ways, neither do I feel sorry for being misinterpreted. I nearly just understand, and with it, I learn that sometimes it is necessary for certain people to be able to receive good treatment despise their unconventional methods of keeping a friendship.

I’ve witnessed friendships shatter and destroyed because ones past has lead them to believe it is okay to act a certain way, and before you know it the other friend gets irritated with these actions, and instead of approaching them from the others perspective, they end what to them is a horrible friendship.

This post can, I suppose, be summed up to “Don’t judge until you’ve walked in their shoes” ; But essentially I am also then saying, even if you do walk their shoes, even then don’t judge, because how we percieve is a cumulation of all things that we have seen, felt, and herd; And its quite darn near impossible to recreate all of these things in order to comprehend a person.

We should all keep a ground state of mind, never really release to much energy into things we can not begin to understand, for it would be a waste. Now before that is misinterpreted, no, people are not a waste of time, they are a great use of your time. One can learn from people, and add their experiences and who they are as people to their formula for perceiving others.

One day I suppose I will post a psychoanalysis of myself, in hopes of reflecting on ways I can become a better person, of things that make me both weak and strong.

There’s people there curious to who you are, about what you do, and how you feel. Even if you dont want it. It is just in our nature to be so selective in the kind of attention we choose to aknowlege, this should not be the case of course, but one shouldn’t fight this nature of ours, because it also leads us to finding our place in this crazy world.

Thats about all I got for now, feels like to many people now a days aren’t open to perceive as much as they should. Then again, sometimes it really is just good to sit back and watch, and be OK with being ONE looking into something different.

Tomorrow this is what i have to make sure to do.
30 min. to finish dynamics due Wednesday
2 hours to finish geo due Thursday
2 hours to finish solids due Tuesday
10 minutes to finish economics due Thursday
2 hours study solids Thursday test.
2 hours study for Dynamics Thursday retake

Yay Math

I find it slightly sad how people sometimes like to balace the bad stuff in their lives with more bad stuff … it ss only with good that you can overcome the bad, so yes, sometimes it is best to turn the other cheek.

Balance is important don’t overload to much of one thing.

Its sorta of a gloomy day. There is a few clouds in the sky, and everything seems to have that slight grey hue that makes you feel like maybe you have traveled into a period where things are moving a little slower than usual.

The clouds are clearing up though, and energy throughout the campus here at UTSA seems to be picking up. But only slightly.

On these days everything that has filled your plate has found its way in front of you, but you just do not know how to even begin to knock things off.

I really do believe days like these are essential to productivity, because ultimately our potential to do work, is just as great, if not greater than the work we will actually end up doing.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to write an excuse for not doing things. I am only saying down time is good, to gather your thoughts and rearrange yourself so that you may begin the tasks that have been presented to you by life.

Everything we are, or do, regardless of the magnitude of it, is conserved. God wastes nothing, or for you atheist out there, nature wastes nothing.

For everytime that you do nothing, you are doing something, because even that potential to do something, stirs up some sort of emotion in someone, something, or yourself, to eventually move.

So I say, conserve your energy, but remember, everything you do today, will equal what you do in the future, so don’t stay still for to long.