I came across a post i found super interesting, and i wanted to share with whoever actually cares to click on my blog every now and then. Suprisingly i have an average readership of like 2 at morning posts….. 4 when i post mid day, up to 8  on posts in the evening, and it can get up to the 20’s on a really good boring night where a lot of my friends are staying in not to read my blog, but because they got sick, or didnt feel like putting on pants.


Anyways, the past week hasnt been the best, but I have given myself a pep talk already, and Im hoping to get out of my rut soon enough. Besides, when it boils down to it, i have nothing to complain about, many many many others have it a lot worse, and i should always be grateful.

I’ve always believed in picking yourself up from whatever you got going on. I dont like asking for comforting comments, or receiving them actually, the best motivational comments anyone could make to me is tell me that nothing has been lost.

Anyways back to the states…
the site is http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/responsible-living/stories/infographic-united-states-of-the-environment

I found it awesome how so many states have a lot to offer, and i hadn’t been to so many!! makes me want to take a random trip to like nebraska or something like Jim Carrey did in the movie “Yes Man”