Gradation seems to be a reaccuring theme in my classes….


my dad is yelling at the phone right, its been about 3 minutes of him yelling “hello” trying to gain understanding on weather or not there is someone on the other side of the line.


I took defensive driving today. I went to the comedy school clubish thing here in san antonio, I spent my time reading over my school book since i have two exams tomorrow, but oh well. I met some pretty people in defensive driving, and a lot of weird people too. I found the distribution on the types of people there to be more on the coarser side than anything else. Its not a bad thing though. It was fun getting to go and study for my classes, while listening to people tell about their driving stories. It was just interesting to see this group of people together. For the most part I was not picked on. I believe I made the impression that I wouldn’t make a good target for a joke to the comedian; which is a real shame, it would of been cool to be ridiculed and maybe get the opportunity for some retort. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really given the opportunity. Its okay though, I got to speak to the lady next to, she was my age, she was pretty too, very open minded, and willing to put up with my random rants having to do with absolutely nothing relevant to the material being taught in class.

Anywho… particle size distribution is used in materials engineering, mainly aggregate classification. This is helpful in mixing cements, and or figuring out soil properties. I know way to much about it, and I wanted to relate this, well not this exactly, but “gradation” which is the testing done to determine the particle size distribution. I wanted to relate that to society.

You see in determining particle size distribution you do this by measuring the amount of particles retained in certain sieves. think of it as a gold sifter, you run water through, shake it, and anything that doesnt belong goes through…

In the US I feel there are not enough sieves. people are getting caught on the upper sieves and retained, and therefore forced out of of experiencing whats going on elsewhere. It sucks. just cause your coarse doesnt mean you cant be fine.

But thats getting to technical.

In general I would just like to promote avoiding being part of this analogy. It is OK to belong somewhere, but it is not OK to not be allowed somewhere else. Thats what I mean; And no one should ever feel like they are stuck in a certain place. because your not nearly everything is a choice. Just remember, you do not get to walk away from mistakes, one must always account for those, learn, fix, and become better because of them.