I am doubfounded by this world every day.

Everyone striving for approval of some sort, if not by society by a special someone.

For the most part we do what we believe to be “work” to obtain that approval.


There is much to be learned though.

Society is becoming a cage.

The acceptance that is sought after has laid out parameters.

Limitations have been placed.

Even by ideas such as “think outside the box.”


It is not a bad thing to act for others.

But when it is not done for yourself, it becomes an act done only for approval, and thus, fake.


It has become a common cycle though.

Everyone around the world.

No one, is perfect.


Why is this though?

Mankind is becoming more and more tamed.


In the past centuries one can account for leaps in progress.

And even though technology continues to improve.

Feeling and mastery has become harder to come by.

And thus, these leaps are slowing.


Why is this so?

Feels as if greatness is being tamed.

People are being shaped.

Is this OK?


Should people want to live in  place where we are all alike?

To the point where we have nothing to criticize.

Nothing to judge.

Nothing to feel.


Why must the greatness in everyone be tamed?

Is it that dangerous?

The answer is yes.

Dangerous to those who wish to not feel inferior.


The first thing comes with acceptance.

Acceptance of greatness.

It is a beast that needs to run wild.

Only then can it continue to grow.

Become more powerful.

Become more useful.


It is not about conforming.

Neither is it about being a non-conformist.


Its about running free.

Away from the restraints created by ones need for acceptance.

Acceptance in which is never actually viewed to any outsider as necessary.

But essential in our own worlds.


If one keeps looking to others for approval.

Greatness will be tamed.

One may reach a comfortable spot in this society at some point.

But they will never actually contribute to the actual progress of humanity.


For greatness requires certainty in oneself.

And no need of approval of another.


Everyone has something to offer.

So let the beast out.