What will you be today

Do you want to put on a cape and save the world, or dress like in the 80’s and act retro, or put on a black leather jacket and act like the fonz, or maybe get a fake tattoo and become tougher than before

I ask… how many lives would you live if you could just afford to keep changing the way you dress, the way you act, the type of people you approach, and the situations you get yourself into?

We really do have a choice… everyday I wake up and try something new, become someone new, and change my perception of the things around me….

Im sure people have categorized me as flat out strange for having such a split mentality, but its okay. I have fun with what I do, and I learn everyday new, exciting, and interesting things that I wouldn’t have known about had I not stepped out of my own personal bubble.


The thing is, many like the idea, many seek to have a life full of excitement and continuous surprises. Yet many actually fear this world of spontaneity, that they will get something that wont suit their needs or flat out make them feel uncomfortable.

This fear will never go away, even I get it, but it doesnt always stop me. I know I myself love danger, maybe its something in my past, or who knows what, but I like the excitement of now knowing, yes sometimes its overwhelming and scary so I do not leave my comfort zone, but the times I have managed to overcome this anxiety I have been rewarded with much knowledge, friendships, and unusual comfort.

I urge everyone to do this more often. It will add the exitement to your life that you have been craving.