Its sorta of a gloomy day. There is a few clouds in the sky, and everything seems to have that slight grey hue that makes you feel like maybe you have traveled into a period where things are moving a little slower than usual.

The clouds are clearing up though, and energy throughout the campus here at UTSA seems to be picking up. But only slightly.

On these days everything that has filled your plate has found its way in front of you, but you just do not know how to even begin to knock things off.

I really do believe days like these are essential to productivity, because ultimately our potential to do work, is just as great, if not greater than the work we will actually end up doing.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to write an excuse for not doing things. I am only saying down time is good, to gather your thoughts and rearrange yourself so that you may begin the tasks that have been presented to you by life.

Everything we are, or do, regardless of the magnitude of it, is conserved. God wastes nothing, or for you atheist out there, nature wastes nothing.

For everytime that you do nothing, you are doing something, because even that potential to do something, stirs up some sort of emotion in someone, something, or yourself, to eventually move.

So I say, conserve your energy, but remember, everything you do today, will equal what you do in the future, so don’t stay still for to long.