So essentially, life is a big puddle, sometimes its fun to play in, but you never know if you could be contracting any sort of disease.

But think about it, rain, rivers, spills, these are all the little things that happen around us, to much of any of it, and it starts to fill this basin, essentially creating who you are.

So essentially, we are equal to the sum of many little things that have created us.


Which brings me to my topic… The theory of superposition. It basically states that any one equal force, is also equal to the sum of a whole bunch of little ones acting on that same object.

I am sure it is easy to see how all of this could be true in comparison to how one normally lives out their life in todays society, but it is really not all that simple.

If this where so obvious the whole world would realized by now that all the work that everything strives to accomplished, could be accomplished nontheless through the use of smaller acts in itself.

The idea ultimately being; no matter how small you start; you can get as big as you want to be, but it wont happen unless you keep adding a lot of little things.


Theres a lot I could say about this, but hey, Im getting tired here