Some mornings you have no trouble waking up. On these mornings, since you usually awake on time, and never used your “snooze allowed time”, I usually spend an good extra amount of time in the shower, feels really good. I get out, I shave, I even make sure I pick out myself something nice to wear.

So today was one of these mornings. I felt fresh leaving the house… ready to take on whatever. The humidity was high and the weather was rainy, but breathing in the air still feels clean and good.

Until you sit down in class, and the person next you come inside after having their morning cigarette. It just made the little space I had on the desk already kinda uncomfortable. 

So this, along with some other things, has got me in a mood to make a some 7 things i do not appreciate

I do not appreciate:

7) when toothpicks break as soon as your try to use them… either companies are getting cheap and using cheaper wood, or my teeth really are super strong

6) Sometimes you log on to your email or facebook to quickly look something up. The only problem is that in pretty much every client now, there is chat associated with it. I do not appreciate being instant messaged the instant I log on… For all you know, it might not even be me logging on, but someone using my computer.

5) when people who smoke get up right up on your personal bubble (1.5 foot radius from your body counts as your bubble). I mean I do not mind you smoking, its your decision, but its like me wearing a cologne that you find annoying, if its an obvious overpowering smell, I would stay away. So just do me that favor..

4) when people who have been doing a certain thing for years tell you its easy to do what they do and anyone who can’t figure it out is 

3) when dudes leave the toilet seat down at public toilets; alrighty, lets face it, a lot of guys are lazy… even when peeing, and they are not the best at aiming, its just gross to see, and makes aiming a lot more complicated for the next guy that comes to pee. just leave it up, its not like a lady is coming in… if you really need it down, it will be a lot cleaner of a place to sit if it would have been left up.

2) the hanging straight hat sideways (gangsta style); seriously? its a hat. it covers from sun, or covers your head of hair that you probably do not like. where it like a hat, sideways has no purpose and the only fashion statement your making is that you still need help dressing yourself.

1) The fake sorry…. nothing sucks more than a fake sorry

I will put a a top things that i appreciate list some other day