So I have made it to China,
It is the coolest thing ever

I want to post pictures on here, but the proxy I am using doesnt seem to be helping

But yeah, getting off the plane, felt like a whole different world, I thought not knowing any mandarin would be OK, but apparently now, I am wishing I would of studied a lot more. Im having to play sherades almost everywhere I go… but its ok.. it keeps things fun

One I got picked up, I was real busy taking it all in, as I drove away from the huge airport that is Beijing International, I saw training grounds in session for the army, and it is exactly like what you would picture… Tons of people in synchronization on one side of of the field doing Kung-Fu
On the other side, people being tested in pull ups

Once I arrived at my destination I washed up, and cleared my stuff..
Afterwards I had dinner with my host family, the food was delicious, I was warned it would be way to different for me, but I definitely enjoyed it very very much. We had rice, pork, vegetables, what tasted like sourcrout, tofu, and salad… all really good stuff

Over here it is customary to toast on every drink of wine (well at least with the family I am with)
So every time I picked up my glass of wine, every toasted with me! its good, because I guess in a way, no one ever drinks alone

I got to meet my host families parents, and brothers, they are all nice, they want me to play tennis with them next week, and I am actually quite looking forward to it. eventhough I am still having quite some trouble communicating with them.

After dinner, I got to hear my host father play violin, he is amazing at it, I cant wait to play with him once I buy a guitar while I am here…

Where I am staying is what they call “Dragon Villas” they are homes in a gated community, with a community center or (club house), everyone here is really nice. There are guards in the neighborhood at like every street corner, and there is two gates too go through to get to the house I am at… I was really impressed by how every time we pass any of these guards, entering the property, or existing, they salute!

Today I woke pretty well rested, I actually slept really well, the bed here is a pretty firm mattress, and lately back at home I’ve actually been having trouble sleeping on my soft mattress, I actually think sleeping in this bed helped a lot this past night :/ lol

But yeah, I woke up having trouble finding where everyone was at, when i finally steped into the Kitchen, I had egg, rice soup, and what I would say is a tortilla…

Their “bread” is like our tortilla, except thicker, quite a lot thicker… and its made with something else, but essentially, it looks like, and tastes like a tortilla.. I will attempt to make some of the kind we eat back at home for them later.. I hope they enjoy it 🙂

Now I just gotta go register at a police station my location, and I am pretty much set to wonder, and hang around with my host family, they are really nice, and i got really lucky with the family i was placed with!

Personally I do not like the structure of this blog, is not to much of a story, and it’s not written with as much excitement I am in, haha, I would change it… but i guess the structure of the stories of my travels/adventures would need a little more experimentation anyways, haha

For pictures you will have to visit my flickr just search javier_c