Yesterday I had my Kung fu crash course

Get this… the guy giving it to me.. A nationally recognized Kung fu master, and instructor, he has helped choreograph many kung-fu films, he is known around the world for his skill
AND he taught JET LI when Jet Li was MY AGE

I mean sure, jet li had previous kung fu experience, but just thinking about it makes me believe I might have a chance at being decently good when I leave China

It is 6:30 in the morning here, and I just got back from a run… i only lasted about 45 minutes, the air gets thick, at least thats what I think… my heart feels weird now, but I’ll get over it…

Today I am going into the city.. I go visit the german embassy with my host family, and then we go site seeing.. I am pretty excited

Hopefully i can keep a decent work out schedule while I am here