So this is the first time since fall 2007 that I do not have a job…

I left work around 10pm, its my last day working, today was my last day at the engineering firm and at abercrombie. 

I would of thought it would of felt good, awkwardly enough, I didnt… I feel kinda without a purpose now, I know I’ll be employed again in like 2/3 days, but still, i feel for the time being, no one needs me… and it kinda weird, I am just really used to always working, it will be like this for a while though

I will not be working this fall, I need to get school out of the way.. get a real job and move on…

Anyways, I am super excited to get going to China, my friends threw me a great going away party, and now everything is cool

Tomorrow I will go buy whatever I have left to buy and I will have a good day! Plus my perants are making paella