So I have a legit topic to write about today…

I will like to start this with a question..

Have you ever not done something, said something, or just stopped doing something, out of fear of how someone would react, fear of making this awkward, or fear having people look down on you?

Reading that question back to myself, I wonder, what in the world was I thinking asking that? Of course we have all felt like this… What a rhetorical question!!

So I know I myself have learned to not be bothered by most of these, but people are worrying me, they are afraid to ask questions that might make them look stupid, afraid to mention what they know they are sure off, and afraid to say much more.

Why fear how someone will react to the truth? Is it really just easier to ignore someone than to just be up front about whats going on?

Or other cases, where people beat around the bush, and pretend like nothing is different….

I just dont know why people are so afraid… whats the worse that can happen?

Talk about what you want! Do what you want!

Others judgement shouldnt bugg you!

Are you afraid of what may be? of what people may say? of what you’ll have to deal with?!
Well listen, only you can determine the outcome…

Something is only a big deal if YOU make it a big deal…

But yeah.. dont listen to me.. I’ve been told I’m “insensitive” haha

Anyways, im off to China in a couple of days! I am really excited for it!