So it doesnt all make sense, i just started, and kept typing… i didnt check my work, because then there would be no point… But yeah.. mabe i’ll rewrite something with more thought sometime…

Two plus two

the art of engineering is real

if you think it, you’ll get it,

and it will even make you feel



Networks, and Materials

More that meets the eye

Your house, 

Your car

Your phone

Your way of life

Beautiful it is

how two equals two

so much more

You think

You stride

You have all the pride

To be WHO?

Engineer this

I came home on a beautiful day

Never even though thought i would have much to say

There is much to see and do

A lot that can change

Never really thought it would be hard to arrange

I went up to this lady

Up in the booth

never did i realize 

she will share only truth

The words that she shared 

came out like she cared

she told me that math

will lead me straight to the path

Two is Two

Now I come to see now,

there is one way to go

So you know how this goes,

I just have to exclaim

I know that I can make it

Even though there’s no fame

Pick up your brush, 

Pick up your tools

Theres only one way

Engineering is art

dont mis that part

Hear how it goes,

See how it flows

Engineering is the Key

its not only for me

Come on and join

and maybe you’ll see

two is not only -too-

fall from the sky

-two- real for my fate

engineering is truth

beauty is truth

life is truth

two is two

is also truth