This post is for a lot of people, I mean a lot of people, seems like everyone in life right now has one main worry, and one main fear, and it kinda depresses me to see so many people close to me be so afraid of this, or just confused on how to go about it.

As for my other groups of friends, who have no problems filling voids because of their ability to retain peoples attention through lust, I think they are missing the point all together too.

Of course I’m talking about being alone, except that just because its the title of this post, that doesnt mean I mean it in a literal way. No one is ever truely a lone of course, there are friends and family, and even though this maybe be suprising.. there is also strangers that would be more than happy to share with you this “aloneness”

I understand, we all seach for someone to love, and someone to love us in return, and we all want the right thing, but at what point, are we really just saying, I need someone, just anybody? Seems like everyone I know has reached that point. And well love happens, it really does, it either just hits you in the face and BAM, or it creeps up on you subtley and grows on you.

I see people jumping from relationship to relationship with no more than weeks in between and it confuses me… I mean sure, I am not going to act all naive here and pretend like people my age don’t sleep around, I get it.. It happens.. lets move on from that… but you cant be jumping from relationship to relationship with out having time for yourself and really appreciating the world and what it has to offer. And no, i dont mean you HAVE TO travel everywhere, you could experience the world at pretty much any city and town has so many sub-cultures it makes it super easy to experience new things, view life in a different perspective, or just learn about someone different from you! You just gotta be open to what the world has to offer for you

Girls I know start relationships by luring guys in through lust, they expect a relationship to emerge from this, and out of that love, and something to last forever, while the guy’s thoughts are completely elsewhere. I say please stop hurting yourselfs, its not the way to go. Even though sometimes lust does come first, love over powers that.

As for guys searching for your true love, now this is a different story, guys actually learn to fall in love easier than girls, if they find someone they think might work, they change a few stuff about themselves to make it work.. and in the process they are no longer happy with who they are as a person themselves, but they are OK with that as long as they got the girl… To that, i say, stop hurting yourself, its not the way to go.

Well trust me this is a confusing topic, and truth is no one really knows one answer better than another, and our best bet is probably to try and fail repeatedly..

But back to the main topic, being alone… your never alone, and I want everyone that reads this to know that! at this point of your life, your young, your you [and you is awesome], and the world is a huge place. Take this time alone to experience this world, try new things, meet new people, go a little crazy, and trust me, you will find so many more people in the same boat as you, and with that you will realize you truly are not alone. As human I can say we all sympathize with each other in someway or another, we are here for eachother… I mean sure we will always have those time where we really do just want someone to hold, but at those times reach out for a hug.. I guarantee that in your journey to find yourself love will find you, and you will get what you want.

I stole that one from another blog i hope its ok…. haha

Anyways… to everyone who thinks all there is in life is someone else…. please stop hurting yourself like that, because you… Alone, just being…  is all there is in life…. As for those who have found that special someone.. that really is great, you two have learned to love each other for being who you are, and therefore now share your life’s adventures with each other, just whatever you do, dont stop venturing