So a lot of people are super stoked that school got out, and well, yes, I am stoked too, but people need to remember, we still have finals… therefore, there will be no break for me… excpet for tonight of course since im not feeling well.

I think i have determined the source of what is making me sick… i would share details, but i am afraid some of you all may be disgusted… actually, no, I am not afraid… So I used to wear braces, and you know how they give you a retainer when you get them off to wear at night? well I long ago, as I was getting my braces, I was also getting some tooth work  by a different dentist, when my orthodontist made the mold to my retainer, everything seemed dandy… weeks later though i went to my other dentist and he did work that modified my the shape of one of my teeth, so because of it, the ratianer did not fit. Like a normal man, I should had gotten a new mold made.. but i didnt have time, and didnt want to down another 200 bucks, so i did what an engineer does.. fix it myself.. I research temperatures at which the retainer plastic would become bendable, and I also did research into sterilization to -prevent any sort transfer of bacteria, and I got to work… an hour or so after I started I had a modified retainer, in which i myself had that was a great piece of work. Anyways, that was like a year ago… my theory is that well not only should i get a new one know, or probably stop using it, but that when i did work on the retainer, i could have made a slit in it when i was using the exacto on it.. this slit has allowed a place for bacteria to harvest and probably grow at a slow steady rate, now i take good care of this piece, i disinfected every night, but i believe that using the same disinfectant combined with giving bacteria a place to grow has created conditions for a mutation within the bacteria itself…

Now why do i think this made me sick? because i didnt wear it last week on the count that i didnt really sleep at all, but this week, i try to make up for it, by using it even when im only gonna fall asleep for 3 hours. I usually imediately fall asleep after putting it on, and therefore feel no real effect after putting it on. But today im going to bed early, so i put it on way in advance so i wouldnt have to get out of bed after reading the news, after a few minutes i was hitting up a feaver and coughing more than usual.

I have taken anti-bacterial meds now, and have included more fiver and vitamin B to my water drink. I have also removed that germ sucker, and have placed it in a new solution to sit for a while.

As i sleep what i think what i got off tonight, I hope that my diagnoses of myself is correct so that i may soon get better again. I cant afford to get this sick during finals, nor right before i go to china šŸ˜€

Anyways.. thats my episode of “House” for today… 

I also re-realized while i was looking for a couple certain chemicals, and vitamins that i enjoy biology, and chemistry very much for that matter, and that i really respect anyone studying to be a doctor… thats always been one of the other things Ive really been wanting to do too.. maybe after i become a successful engineer I’ll become a doctor too šŸ™‚