So I wanted to relax today while I waited for class to start, I haven’t really had the best day.. so i came to my favorite quite place to just chill and maybe even read up on my classes and stuff… The BSE, its a biosciences, and engineering building at my school. It has four stories, a large atrium through the center, that is quite a nice view.. usually i can come here, and sit down on one of the couches of the upper clothes, and hang out in peace.

Today, it is a different story, well actually nah, I mean, I dont want to be mean or rude, I just want to tell the story as if its just different, and well maybe just a little rude.. lol

But yeah, I went to the third floor, where there is mostly labs, and therefore not much traffic at all.. and if anyone at all is up here, it is usually smart people studying themselves, being quite and such…

Well this time I sat down.. there was only two girls in the area, and they where being pretty quite.. after a litle bit i used the restroom and left my stuff behind.. Once I came back, I came back to find that my all the chairs surrounding mine had been filled by some other girls chattering away about how awesome they where.

I sat down and put on my earphones in hopes that it would drown them out… well it didnt drown them out at all.. I continued to hear about how awesome they where for about half hour more…. -_-