So its nearly 5 am, and I dont want to fall asleep or else i wont make it to class in the morning :/

But anyways, it all started on friday when I went to go eat with my dad.. Me and my dad got to eat at this greek place called Demos’. I wont kid you here.. it was pretty good, and it was different than the norm. which is exactly what my father and I where looking for. While eating we was a mother and her children at the outside patio having their meal. I felt kinda bad because the mother obviously needed help taking her food to her table, and/or at least someone to open the door… But no one got it, and I personally just stood there and watched her handled it all on her own. Even though i am aware of the fact that this is an average day for everyone, and not many people would think twice about it.. Its nothing average to me, but for some reason, this time around I didnt do anything about it.. as I watched I wanted nothing more than to get up and help out, but the thing is… This mom was an attractive mom… I was really afraid that by helping I would seem as if I where coming on to her. Lately I get this feeling with a lot of girls though.. all I really want to do is help, or be that temporary person to provide a temporary good feeling for the human race.. but society has made it to where no one can be nice any more, just for the sake of being nice. And thats terrible, because it has made people afraid, afraid to do the right thing… Normally I would say i would never be afraid.. but this time around, i was a disappointment to myself.

Anyways.. aside from that, I went to wal-mart with my dad after my meal, we where looking for some reading glasses for my father, which made me wonder about me needing them when I am older, and weather or not my eye site would be that bad, worse, or better… it was an interesting thought of mine.. Anyways, On my way into the wal mart i saw a couple walk out with a new 26” HD flat panel in their basket. They had a big smile on their face, and I couldnt help but to think of the awesome feeling they had about their new toy, and their purchase in which they will enjoy for year to come [or at least until the next best model comes out] i was excited for them, and it helped me make my day a lot better…

I a little tired.. ill be back another night to finish my weekends storeis which are actually a lot cooler than the above, haha