So I should be working on my dynamics.. I am having a hard time focusing and getting my stuff done, figured I’d come on and post about my troubles, haha

Thats my trouble… haha

Anyways, today I worked.. I seem to be the only dude at work today, but oh well. I am usually always a pretty blunt person. So today when i just raelly didnt feel like starting a new project on the floor, i told my boss who was right in front of me that I was going to walk around the store and not do anything, that I didnt feel like starting anything, and she didnt have to worry, I was only going to do one slow walk around, and then i would get to work. I am not sure if she liked my honesty or not, but she said “um ok” so I went about my walk around.

I guess honesty counts for something… but then again, I am a hard worker, and I get my stuff done.. So there wasnt much loss in letting me just do nothing for a little bit. But then again, I guess the ultimate lesson here is, just tell the truth, sometimes the outcome isnt what you may think it is. I learned this long ago, but I myself still make mistakes occasionally by not telling someone the whole truth.