Im not exactly sure why I titled my post as I did…

Anyways, I guess im going to post on what ive been doing lately, and the sort of things i’ve learned ๐Ÿ˜›

So you can tell by my post of a little while ago.. I got my camera in… I think its AWESOME! I mean sure, its just a camera, and one of the first things in my mind when opening it was “did i really just spend this much money on this”. But I decided not to jump into any conclusions, and I convinced myself that the technology in the camera makes a difference.. and what do you know! It does!

But enough about the camera I got.. Im suppose to talk about my days now i think.

But yeah, yesterday I worked at the engineering firm I work in. One of my co-workers recked his car last week, so this week he showed up with a new BWM

Its a step up for him, and he was really excited, and well, I would be too, its a sweet car, hopefully he wont crash this one…

After work I came home to find my camera had arrive, so in my room sat a large brown box from the people I bought it from on ebay. Now if your any normal person, you would have to agree that half the fun in any of this is getting a box to open in the mail. So I was super excited to be home and be able to open it, until of course, I found out I had to go into work at my other work place.

My other job is well.. at abercrombie. I know I know.. many people have probably got some idea that most of us employees there are weird, they never help, and well they think a lot of themselves.. well let me just tell you thats true.. well not completely, haha, but most people are like that.. i like to think I am not though, and  some people that I work with aren’t either. They really are just trying to make a living.

Anyways, whenever the regional manager for abercrombie comes to town, all the store managers freak out, and they feel like they have to perfect their stores. So basicaly, as I told my boss that I believe this all out of fear that they will lose their job, they laugh at this, and say its kinda true, even though they know they wont get fired, they still hate to be judged.

Anyways, i got to talk more with a girl I work with, she was pretty interesting, she’s part Italian, pretty cool i guess. She is a nice person, i asked her what she does with her Sundays, and she told me she does her own laundry.. this kinda got me because she is 17, and well I’m 21.. and I don’t even do my own laundry.. then again, its not like I haven’t tried :), but still, it was cool to meet someone responsible, and taking charge of their life. It just feels like lately most young people I meet, or pretty much most people in my generation seem to be to lazy to do any of their own work.

So i finally got home yesterday, after a really late night at work perfecting things for the RM, and well, i couldn’t leave my camera unpacked, even though it was midnight. So I went ahead and opened my camera, it was exciting, but i was to tired to play around with it.

Today, I went to school, in the art building there was an exhibit of some guy playing the same 4 chords on a piano for like 10 hours, while a slideshow of pictures of traffic played on the background. It was confusing “art”, but hey.. im no expert.

I’ve pretty much written enough for today, so I am done for now..

Post pictures/comment if you’ve read.. otherwise im talking to myself ๐Ÿ™‚ haha