There is a lot going on in the world today, but what caught my eye aside from the continuation of spewing ask from the volcano in iceland. Is the fine that toyota is having to pay for their recall.

Now toyota normally doesnt have may problems, or nearly as many recalls as GM during an average year. but this brake problem hits them, and all the sudden they are the worst car maker in the world (at least thats what the media tried to show). Well guess what, toyota still mange to make a profit this past summer, and has funded, more than the required research to get to the root of the problem. 

The only reason people are making such a big deal about it is because they are the competition that never took money from the government, and well, it isnt even american! Im pretty sure local companies just had to find a way to “level the playing field” and well, we all know they dont fight fair.

but those are my two cents on the matter…

As for my day, I actually woke up for my presentation on chloroflourocarbons that i had to give for my environmental engineering class. Last friday the presentations started, but the power went out, and i slept through my regular phone alarm, so I completly missed the class. luckily though, my group didnt have to present till today

thats the link to my topic if your actually interested in what i presented on 😛